Now, for tomorrow

Our audit company Baker Tilly Re Opinion d.o.o. Sarajevo was created in 2004 and became an independent member of Baker Tilly International in August 2013. We are a member of Chamber of auditors of Federation BiH and have been licensed to provide audit and assurance services by the Ministry of finance of Federation BiH and the Ministry of Finance of Republika Srpska.

We are also listed as a company acceptable by the Securities commission of Federation BIH for providing auditing services to investment funds and fund management companies operating in Federation BiH. Company founder and owner is licensed auditor with years long practical and professional knowledge and experience in audit industry and business in general, including successful engagements in Big Four companies and other professional services networks.

As an independent member of Baker Tilly International we now have energy and drive to better position ourselves in our local audit market and to provide the best possible service to our current and potential clients, and to also improve the network’s capacity in the Balkans, alongside network’s member firms and partners in Croatia, Serbia and Macedonia.

Baker Tilly Re Opinion d.o.o. offers audit and assurance, including here information systems audits and tax and advisory services. We currently have 10 employees amongst them 4 certified and licensed auditors, certified internal auditor and an investment advisor.

Baker Tilly International member firms offers its services in 133 countries making it possible for us to access exceptional talent and expertise of other member firms which provide broad range of specialist advisory and consulting services in order to help our clients achieve short and long-term goals.

Also, our independent membership of Baker Tilly International allows us to audit projects financed by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). We offer our services in local B/H/S languages and the languages spoken in the Balkan region. Also, our employees are fluent in English.

The owner and managing director is Nihad Fejzić, licensed auditor.